Research and Development

Time needed to introduce a new product has crucial meaning in terms of economy, the faster the product is made available on the market the faster it start generating income. Each company is focused on shortening this unprofitable time to minimum with maximum use of the potential of available resources. Experience, gathered over the years from machine construction, let us work parallelly, with many of our customers, to maximize the effectiveness of their product manufacturing process.

Thanks to beginning the participation in the project at very early stage, when minor changes are still available, the products has high value added. They are simpler in manufacture and assembly, which finally results in lower production cost. Additional benefit from such work schedule is finally reduced machine delivery time, due to getting acknowledged with the product and its specific production requirements prior to final production release. Range of services from research and development covers among others

  • Conceptual study of assembly and control process
  • Layout study with required machine and equipment range necessary to accomplish the task
  • Process flow study including requirements of available workspace and manpower
  • Study of necessary equipment for production according to proposed technological process
  • Preparation of initial 3D model showing conception of work of crucial machine systems
  • Vision equipment selection to specific application
  • Detail model of key machine mechanism showing how mechanism work
  • Design and creation of the functional prototypes of the mechanisms
  • Rapid prototyping